About Ya Boy




Hello! My name is Steven Gehrhardt and I am a multi-disciplined artist and designer based in New York available for freelance and collaboration. With a background in computer graphics and 3d animation, combined with motion and video expertise, I love to create visually compelling images and videos that tell a story. Constantly learning and exploring is what drives me. My various experiences have given me the tools to think conceptually, solve problems and execute creative ideas across multiple disciplines. I love to make people laugh and be amazed while pushing my skills as far as I can.


// Education

Graduated in 2014 with a BFA in Computer Graphics and Animation from the New York Institute of Technology

// Experience and Clients

Celtra, Motion Graphics Producer

Neulion, Live Stream Video Editor

Long Beach International Film Festival, Video Producer/Designer/Promotions

NYIT Motion Capture Studio, Technical Director

ADM Productions

Grumman Studios

Final Frontier Design

The Mills 2014 OFFF Titles

Northshore LIJ

Weintraub Films


// Part time snack enthusiast, knowledge wrangler, passionate nerd, sports aficionado, comic reader, and lover of all things creative. 


// Currently listening to:

The Collective Podcast

Comedy Bang Bang


Comics Explained (not really a podcast but good to listen to for comic stories)



For work inquiries please drop me an email at Steve@wavydays.com or head over to the contact page