New York based creative.


I am passionate about making great looking imagery and telling engaging stories. Whether it be 3d, film, illustration, motion graphics, photography, design, writing or direction. Using the right tool for the job is always important, so I believe having the skill to learn and adapt is just as important. Constantly learning and exploring is what drives me. My passions led me to attend the New York Institute of Technology, where I completed my university degree in computer graphics and developed my skills.

With studies in computer graphics and animation providing a solid, technical background of knowledge, my various experiences has given me the tools to think conceptually and problem solve on a creative level while on tight deadlines.

I love to make people laugh and be amazed while pushing my skills as far as I can. I am always up for a challenge. 



// Part time snack enthusiast, knowledge wrangler, passionate nerd, sports aficionado, comic reader, classically handsome and lover of all things creative. 


// Currently listening to:

The Collective Podcast

Comedy Bang Bang


Comics Explained (not really a podcast but good to listen to for comic stories)